Nose to tail…so whats next?

Root-to-flower eating is sweeping the menus of Britain as food waste worries mean chefs are using the whole plant instead of throwing away leaves. From the River Cottage to Nobu, diners can enjoy carrot tops, beetroot stems, cauliflower leaves and cucumber flowers. Most plants are all edible. What we usually do is take the middle part of it and waste the rest. The classic is a cauliflower. You can use the leaves like you use kale, it’s roasted, can be put through pasta and can be used to bulk out a cauliflower puree. Britain’s top chefs have said home cooks should try root to flower eating as it is a massive money saver. Ellis Barrie, head chef at the award-winning Marram Grass in Anglesey, Wales, has said he likes to use “absolutely every part of a fennel. Everyone always eats the top of the broccoli and guess what? The stem tastes just the same. The same is true for cauliflower.

This was an excerpt from a blog post I found randomly on a google search. Makes a lot of sense/cents. If restaurants only realized the financial gains, and environmental benefits of this ideal. Basically, I call it TPU…something I learned from a few master chefs back in the day. Total Product utilization, nothing should get wasted in a professional kitchen. NOTHING. Unfortuntely this ideal which was common in the kitchens of the past, has been lost due to the vast commercialization of the food chain. Easy food = low profit and customer satisfaction. A formula for failure. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, and there are a few of us left pushing this philosophy back into the industry. Do your part, it’s time for change on so many levels. Cheers!