Foraging for dummies

Farm to table, root to leaf, and so on are pretty common place these days in your better restaurants. Foraging however is somewhat new…

click the image for information on foraging.

One restaurant of note that comes to mind is Nomatwo-Michelin-star restaurant run by chef René Redzepi in Copenhagen, Denmark. They have dominated the list of best restaurants in the world for over a decade. The style is 100% wild food…no Sysco happening here. To my disapointment, there are no Canadian restaurants on this list, and to add insult to injury, Canada has never had a single Michelin star! Why? They are here, I know it….but they go unrecognized. I can think of a few examples of chef restauranteurs that should be recognized. Michael Stadtländer stands out most for me. I have visted his property in Singhampton Ontario on a few ocassions, and even went foraging with Michael early on during the inception of his project. Here is a link to his site.

One thing I would like to note in closing are the benefits of embracing this trend. It brings you closer to nature, providing respect for mother earth. Financially speaking….it’s free, brings the food cost down! It’s healthy, natures bounty has many therapeutic and holistic properties….it may cure what ails you and your customers. Cheers!