Quality Culinary Education.

Going a little off topic today. I believe there needs to be a renaissance in the delivery of quality education for culinary students. Gone are the days of the traditional apprenticeship coupled with a grounded education component. Seemingly today, you have one of two scenarios, cooks with a culinary diploma seeking to become chefs right out of school, or your road scholars that have worked in a few places, seeking the same. I personally have great difficulty embracing either one of these, as the quality of there work experience and or education is sketchy at best. So, where do we go from here? Personally I believe we need to take a big step back, and re introduce fundamental cooking/pastry skills. In my latest project, I hired 3 cooks, all of whom have little or no experience. This is perfect….let me explain. You start with a blank slate, and there are little or no habits to break. I can direct there careers, and make winners out of them! It’s hard to teach an old misguided dog new tricks….I believe you understand where I’m coming from. Click the following image for a comprehensive list put together by the World association of Cooks, on there mandate for quality education.