Menu Development.

On to something new this week. As a chef consultant for the food service industry, my first task, before anything else is to establish a menu. This is the cornerstone of the business, and dictates almost all of the things to follow…

I will cover 3 main areas in the menu cycle, design, costing/implementation and engineering.

Today we will look at design. Even before we put pen to paper we have to consider many things. The first being demographics and feasibility. Who are the customers, local population, there likes, spending habits, age, gender mix…..I could go on. Don’t try to sell 5 diamond food to farmers, unless your goal is to fail…get my drift? The second concern is product availability, can you get a steady supply of the goods you need to sustain the menu needs? Other variables to consider are staffing, ie qualified labour pool. Available equipment and tools. Available inventory, for example, is the restaurant re branding and there is already inventory to be put to use. I could go on, but you can understand that there are many considerations to be evaluated before drafting your first copy. Click the following image for a basic introduction to menu design. Feel free to contact me at any time if you have questions or require my services for a project. Cheers!