Menu design, implementation and costing.

Part deux of menu design. First to finish off where I left off. So we have all the information we need and we are ready to dive into the murky waters of design. So many operations put little to know effort/budget into this phase. Consider a professional like myself to get you on the correct path. In terms of budgeting you should be looking at around $5000 to arrive at a finished product. This is nothing when you consider it will cost you between 3-5,000 dollars per seat to open, remember you have one go at this, so do it right! The first thing of course is “copy”. This is the wording of menu items and descriptions, forget about pricing for now. The term copy is as it sounds the printed version, spelling!!!, menu descriptions, colour, paper weight, style and format. I could easily write a book about this, but to save you the trouble, click on the following image for a brief explanation. Tomorrow, check back for costing tools and menu engineering. Cheers