Why restaurants fail.

Today’s blog is a follow up to yesterdays post “forty thieves”. There are as many reasons almost as restaurants that fail. Why do i want to investigate this topic? As a hospitality consultant with 30 years experience as a chef/owner and operator, I have come to one conclusion. Only a chef should own a restaurant, I mean a real chef! At the very least if you are an owner of a restaurant, or even a general manager, let your chef do his or her job. As a caveat, train and empower your staff as well….it pays off large in the short and long run. The chef has control over your food budget, or at least he/she should. The food budget, next to the beverage budget is the single largest capital expense of your business. If you have a credible chef, they will manage that budget and make sure the “forty thieves”, are kept at bay. Click on the following image for an excellent article on restaurant failures….remember this, 50% of restaurants fail within 3 years. most don’t make it past a year. If your restaurant is in trouble, feel free to contact me! I can help. Cheers!

Don’t let this happen!