Foodservice Trends.

Todays topic will look at foodservice trends over the last 50 years. I also wanted to tie this in with how culinary education has changed during this period….everything goes in cycles they say.

The 1970’s were a turning point for North America in numerous ways. The beginning of a new era brought many chefs from Europe to Canada and the United States. It could be said that until this point we were in the dark ages of gastronomy. Not entirely so for Canada, as we already had many ethnic influences happening due to immigration from countries such as Italy, Greece and Eastern Europe. Also our French population had adapted many of the classic foods from abroad to make them Canadian. In addition the Indigenous peoples of Canada were instrumental, introducing us to many of there traditional cooking and foraging methods.

In terms of education, this pretty much began to change around the same time as many of these chefs came to Canada in the 70’s. Previous to this there was no real designation of chef per se. Upon noticing this void in culinary leadership, began the journey of creating proper apprenticeship programs and to augment also post secondary education. It is my belief that we are in the perfect position today to re invent what has been lost by these masters of the trade. The most current trend appears to be looking back at classical cooking in its purest form…something I believe has been lost with time. Lost also in my opinion with many of the post secondary programs is a focus on foundational cooking…the basics. Here’s to a brighter future with better trained cooks, with more passion and commitement to the craft! Click on the image below for an extended look at food trends since 1970. Cheers!