Lets talk about dirt!

Nobody likes dirty laundry, right? there is a bit of a nuance to this statement…lol. As a chef with 30 years + experience in the foodservice industry, I have seen a lot of things. Working 8 years in a healthcare environment supported by default my already high priority for hygiene in the kitchen. Although we do have standards and regulations that are governed and enforced by public health, there are still way to many that seem to get away with poor practices. You would not believe the things I have seen! I often wonder if operators realize the impact of keeping a filthy establishment. You may be able to slip under the wire in terms of health inspections….or maybe you slip them a few bucks? Who knows how they get away with sub standard cleanliness. Anyway, click on the following image to get an idea of what the standards are. Food premise regulations are governed provincially, but are pretty much the same across the board. Cheers, and happy, clean cooking!