Chef vs Robo Chef.

Chef vs Robo Chef.

Todays thread will be a look at chefs skills vs technology. In an age were every conceivable task can be done by a computer or machine, were does this leave the chef? I would like to look at a few different ideas today. Firstly, education and culinary training, secondly, chef tools, and thirdly the future.


I have my own opinions about culinary education in 2021, and it’s not particularly positive. let’s have a look at some other opinions from some noted industry chefs. Click the following image to read on.


There may well be as many tools/gadgets as there are chefs and cooks. It seems for every task, there is a tool that can do it, seemingly better than a human. Some are definitely handy, and labour saving, others, not so much. Personally, I’m a bit of a purest. I need three basic tools to get most jobs done. A 10″ chef knife, a filet/utility knife and a paring knife….that’s pretty much it. Of course, I have many more tools than this! Many specialized shapes and cuts cannot be done with the above mentioned three. Leaving what I call small wares, knives, gadgets, and widgets behind, we also need to consider commercial cooking appliances and small & large processing machines. Everything from walk in ovens to tomato slicers…..eeeek! In this new age of reducing labour and costs, we seem to be going down a path that makes the cook redundent.

Okay, maybe not redundant. At least not for a creative, well trained chef. I want to make one point first. Tools or equipment don’t make the chef, they assist the chef and make his or her job more efficient. They can also assist in the creative process. They don’t however make you a better chef. Like any trade or skill, you need to start with the foundations. You didn’t walk before you crawled, right? Here is a list of tools I love, and always have with me on my travels.

  • Emursion blender
  • Temperature probe
  • Brulee Torch
  • Induction top
  • Instant Pot……sometimes
  • Box cutter…don’t ask


Follow this link to see what’s happening in robotics….pretty cool!


Our industry is going through some interesting changes, in a very short period of time. Who knows what the future holds? All I can say is that fundamental skills, training and creativity are still the cornerstone of quality chefdom!

Cheers, and happy cooking!