Forest to Table.

Today I would like to return to a topic I wrote about a few months ago during the dark days of winter. Now that Spring is upon us, and with Easter around the corner it’s time to change our perspective on available food sources. The beauty of Canada is that there is a bounty of foods right under our feet. And it doesn’t really matter were you live, even your back yard or local sanctuary has a lot more than you realize. read on below for a brief description of foraging, then we can look at resources to get you going.

Foraging for wild food is a great way to experience the natural world and connect with something ancient and primal within ourselves. 

And in many ways, it can be a more healthy alternative to the assembly line foods we find at the grocery store. 

Not only is wild food much richer in essential vitamins and minerals, but foraging also provides much needed exercise. It’s a combination of hiking and gardening.

Before diving into the salad bowl that surrounds us, it’s a good idea to be aware of some basic guidelines that will ensure that foraging remains safe and sustainable.


I guess we should start with a look at some basic edibles that can be found in most regions of Canada. Many of these can also be purchased at farmers markets or online in a dried or preserved format. if you need help with this, don’t hesitate to contact me. Click the following image for a decent list of items you can find in the wild.

Yep, dandelions!


Click below for a decent list of wild food recipes.


There are so many resources online, and I don’t want to be viewed as a click bait blog site….so do a little research of your own! I first became interested in this aspect of food sources many years ago while taking a course at Nipissing University. It was an interesting summer program delivered in part by the Nipissing First Nation Chief, and by a professor of botany at the university. So basically we covered the science and lore, as well as the indigenous perspective. I would highly recommend such a program, as there are risks of venturing into this territory unguided. As much as there are many plants and fungus that are edible, there are also some that are toxic. In some cases it can be very difficult to differentiate between the two! BE CAREFUL!

Cheers, and safe cooking!