So what motivates you? If you have ever wondered what makes people do there best work, don’t feel alone. This has been a questions managers have asked since the industrial revolution. Today i would like to look at some of the theories, and also what has worked for me, and continues to work for me. Below is Mazlows Hierarchy of Needs. Makes sense, no? it’s a bottom up spectrum, and moving up is contigent on each level being met. Read on below for a couple of other significant contributors to motivational research.


As you can see, despite what we think, money isn’t the most powerful motivator. The second column is far more important and should be the influence on the first column. Pretty easy, no?


Not unlike Hertzberg, but gives a clearer interpretation of motivation. At the end of the day, just treat people right, listen to them and appreciate there nuances and personalities. I like the saying…”people don’t really care what you know, but they do like that you care”! CHEERS!