Turkey Genocide

Not to make light of the real and still happening issue of genocide, todays blog is ironically about poultry and all its family members. This being Easter, the typical North American meal will be in all likely hood “Turkey”. Not that I have a problem with it, I love it! That being said, there are other options…..lamb, ham, fish, etc. I’ll be honest, I don’t love cooking turkey. In my career, I’ve likely cooked more turkeys than there are people in a small town. Tomorrow, I will discuss poultry cookery in more detail. Today i will share my process of cooking a turkey, and all the typical and not so typical accompaniments. Read on below.

Below the image I have added a PDF hyperlink to a full turkey dinner recipe created with https://www.cookkeepbook.com Have a look. You can subscribe for the basic recipe program package free. I can also provide you with a free 1 month trial of this web based recipe management (full version). I really like this program, and use it frequently. Contact me if your interested! Happy Easter!