Follow up to private & personal chefs

Not really a blog post today, more of a unveiling of a new offer I put together recently. I have personally been involved in the personal chef business for over 25 years, and felt it was a good time to share my experiences. In these covid 19 times, a service like this is a very profitable venture. With the ongoing restrictions on restaurants, the ability to get quality meals has been limited. Read on below for more information. Maybe someone you know, or even yourself…might be interested in getting started in this lucrative field.

Personal Chef Franchise Business Proposal

Name of the franchisee: Dinner Thyme Personal Chef Services

Prepared by: Brent MacGillivray


Contact details:

About us: We started operating “dinner thyme”, in 1994 with amazing results. Initially we operated as a meal replacement provider, or private chef if you prefer. This led to many other revenue streams, including cooking classes, private dinner parties and meal delivery. We are now looking for new talent to join our team. As an independent business owner, you call the shots! We provide you for a small annual fee of $299, all the materials you need to be operating in a matter of weeks. This includes all documentation, base recipes, software tools, telephone/email support and free marketing from our end. If you would prefer to go it on your own, the basic documentation is available for $99, $199 for a hard copy and certification as an associate of “dinner thyme”.

Contact us today to get started!