Job Futures

Group of happy hotel staffs standing in hotel

Our current situation is bleak, everybody is living that reality day to day. Over 100 million jobs have been lost in the hospitality sector alone. As our industry is considered a luxury commodity, combined with restrictions implemented by covid-19…you can understand where the jobs have gone. Keep your head up, because it won’t last to much longer. The vaccines are available, most people are being sensible and reasonable, our world will move forward. As countries start lifting travel restrictions, the tourism industry is seen to benefit from the “revenge spending” (US Travel Association, 2021). You heard it right, “revenge spending”! That means jobs! So get ready people, if you have been thinking of a career in this industry, now is the time to prepare yourself. There will be a tremendous need for skilled personal in a few short months. Click this link for an interesting article on TRENDS. As I have been following these trends closely since the end of 2019, there have been a number of things that have brought me to this “positive”, outcome scenario. One is that, due to the situation, many people previously working in hospitality have moved on to different sectors, like construction, healthcare, etc. This has created a void in the hospitality sector, and I’m already seeing this becoming a growing problem.


Here are a few things you need to do get ready. If you are currently considering a future in our industry, have a look at acquiring the education/training you need now! Not sure were to start, contact me, maybe I can help. Already a hospitality person, get your CV up to date…maybe look at adding some new skills to elevate your talents. Write a good generic cover letter to send with your CV. Lastly, make sure you have a few excellent references and contacts. Cheers, and best of luck moving forward in 2021/22!