Yep, thats right. Todays blog will look at recipes. What are they, and how to put a proper one together. You know, so your friends and family can follow them. I fell in love with cooking, and by default cookbooks at a the tender age of 13. Somewhat out of need, but mostly enjoyment. My first book of reference was “The Joy of Cooking”. I’ve been known to glance at it still from time to time…it’s a good book! Having started my apprenticeship at 17, the kinds of books I used or that were perhaps forced upon me, changed. Here is the first professional text given to me as an apprentice. Read below for the first recipe I had to make from said text.

My first professional cook book!

So my first recipe “Sacher Torte”, not so much a recipe as a procedure with quantities included. In my opinion this is the best way! From the above book. Read on below the image for my conclusion.


A recipe should be a tool to guide a professional, and the quantities and procedures should be time tested. This is the key to successful baking or cooking. Any cook or chef of any credibility should be able to execute this recipe above. At the other end of the spectrum, we have novice or home cooks that require a little more direction. In this case a more detailed recipe may be required. Having written many recipes and full menus for numerous establishments over my career, I have developed a system for this. If you would like more information don’t hesitate to contact me! Cheers, and happy cooking!