Ma Cuisine, defining “cuisine”

Ma Cuisine, defining “cuisine”
Auguste Escoffier

Ma Cuisine, a book by the King of Chefs, Chef of Kings. This man set the standard for what is todays modern cuisine. Why? Because he set a standard for organizing kitchens, menus and recipes. Have a look at this ten course menu for the launch of the Titanic, its maiden cruise. Can’t read French…sorry about your luck…lol

This is but one of the many formats he introduced, some have been lost, others are being revived as we speak. This is the lead in to my topic today, my cuisine. With 35+ years in the foodservice industry, I’ve developed my own style of cooking based on the knowledge acquired via working and travelling abroad. it remains undefined…..probably never really will be. All I can say is that it is a “package” of information archived and brought out by memories and experiences. Let’s call it “Nouveau Canadien Cuisine”, New Canadian Cuisine. That’s pretty broad, and encompasses all that is Canadian.


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