Introducing Amy MacInnes.

Amy is on the right…lol

A nice lead in from my last post on home economics, I’d like to introduce a peer of mine Amy MacInnes…a fine Scottish name I might add! I have to forgive myself for not posting a female bio to date. Honestly, some of the finest cooks I have worked with over the years are woman. Sorry guys, sometimes you just don’t measure up! Without further delay, here is Amy’s story.

My Journey and passion for food began at a young age. I was the kid in the kitchen standing on the chair, elevating me up to be a part of the kitchen magic.
We cooked at home mostly, that was what we could afford. We made delicious meals together – pizza, apple sauce, pies, lasagna, and the humble yet exciting egg in a basket, were the foods I remember most – Magic is what I saw happening in my parents kitchen, and that is where the seed of the love of food was planted.

In high school I took part in a co-op program, which not only allowed me to earn 2 credits towards my high school diploma, but it granted me access to take my very first step in a professional kitchen.   The Waring House in my home town in Prince Edward County, was the door that opened up and took me in; as a 16 year old girl this was probably the most exciting, yet totally terrifying step for me. They showed me the ropes, and I got to see all the magic happen! A professional kitchen in Action! What an event to witness and be a part of! – Truly a magic show in itself!!!
After high school I ventured off to Kingston to St. Lawrence College to achieve my Culinary Management Diploma- learning about cooking fundamentals and techniques, which would carry me back to the Waring house after graduation.

Amy is third from the right

The Waring House, and The Claramount Inn & Spa is where I had the privilege to work with amazing chefs who guided me, and gave me the freedom to create my own magic, and serve it to paying guests! One funny memory that often comes back to me either in my own memory, or from a past co-worker bringing it up in a hysterical laugh was when I was in the pantry where I had the unfortunate mishap of standing under  large jug of cooking wine, when the nozzle popped off, and poured all over me… I was drenched head to toe in wine! I got no sympathy, only laughs. I can laugh about it today; it was a pretty traumatic experience back then though.

Years after, I moved to Kingston to be with my long time sweetheart (now husband), where I explored a different path in the industry- Waitressing showed me the side of customer experience, seeing food bringing people together was wonderful! Weather it was for a first date, an anniversary, funeral, or baby shower just to name a few – I saw food as the essence of life, the one thing everyone has in common that brings us all together! Food! That is magical!

Amy’s Gardens

Last spring 2020, like so many, I was laid off due to COVID-19 . A blessing came from being laid off, I took a step into direct sales with Epicure – a company that I have used for 10 years and love.  Epicure is a Canadian (link to Amy’s order portal), company based in B.C focusing on helping families and individuals put healthy food on the table fast with help from Epicure products made with pure ingredients. With Epicure I can not only continue my love of creating, and sharing great food, but I can help others create their own magic in their kitchen. So to date I am a happy Independent Epicure consultant, sharing the love of great food through Epicure, I hold live virtual cooking classes, and online parties, and share recipes. I’d say it’s my dream job sharing the love and magic of great food, which brings us all together.

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**Support your local farmers, shop local, eat great, and be kind**