What? No Homework…

What?  No Homework…

Have you ever asked yourself if education is really all that important? I’ve certainly questioned it at times. Having worked in education for almost a decade at post secondary, and also as a mentor/chef in the culinary industry for 25+ years, I’ve seen changes. Most not good.

It is widely known that literacy — the ability to read and write — is tied to everything we do and our interactions in social situations. Literacy is the foundation to build essential skills to perform better in school and develop an interest in becoming a lifelong learner. It has a direct impact on one’s personal growth, economic welfare, and long-term well-being. Even though it is common knowledge that literacy has a direct impact in people’s lives, there is a literacy crisis hiding in plain sight. Why do we seem to be in this crisis of seemingly failed education?

Creativity has been lost in Education

I believe all children have talent. Each child is born with his or her own innate ability to do something great. The education system, however, is unable to nourish these talents and often times these talents become unutilized.  The education system flaws in its ability to allow students to explore areas they enjoy deeply, and force students into a very dull, structured.

One Size Doesn’t fit All

 The best way I can describe the education system is the following: Let’s say all students are different shapes, some are squares, triangles, circles, and rectangles. The education system assumes that all students are triangles, and as a result force that mold on everyone else. This is why even some of the most successful businessmen and women were unable to succeed in the education system. One size does not fit all, and it never will!

Proper Streaming early in Education

By this I mean at the high school level. We need to return to a time when we identified strengths and weaknesses and encouraged or suggested to young people potential career paths. I’m a firm believer in a trades based education first, and leaving higher education for later. I think everyone should have one good, transferable skill, that and some work experience to back it up. We shouldn’t be pushing young people into University, if the desire or ability isn’t there, it may manifest later.


This topic is very controversial at best, and requires much more time than we have for a blog post. I’d just like to close with a couple of thoughts. Firstly, we are currently in a trades crisis, by this I mean there is a shortage of skilled trades people in all sectors, including hospitality. In my opinion it’s epidemic. Why is this happening, I blame many things…mostly the government. In my industry, we used to have a good system for training and educating young cooks. Nothing complicated, you work three years with a good “CHEF” or two, get your theoretical and re affirm the practical at school. Write your ticket, done, your A red seal “COOK”. I would like to make it clear, you are not a “COOK”, without this formula, never mind a “CHEF”. WE have created a situation in our culinary culture where it is next to impossible to find classically trained, responsible and respectable cooks. It seems now that you can graduate from a 2 year culinary program, work at a not to be mentioned for legal reasons restaurant, with another said type of cook, and voila, your a chef. I won’t hire people like this, I would take someone with no experience first. In addition I would hire someone with more experience than I have for the same reasons. That leaves a big gap…Time to get this ship back on course, who’s with me? Cheers, and have a wonderful Weekend!