Someone Call the Food Cops!


The seven deadly sins, and yes they are all deadly. There really should be food cops, maybe just cops that give tickets to these sinners. Some would argue that this is harsh, give them a ticket as well for being stupid…also a sin. Today, I’m back in the saddle with a vengeance. Had a lovely couple of weeks off, got home to see my friends and family. Time to get back to solving the worlds problems. Someone has to do it, right? Be sure to look back at some of the archives.

I’m an alcoholic, and part of my recovery is grappling with the opposite of these sins, which by the way are virtues. I’m pretty sure that what the world really needs now…if it’s to survive.

  1. Lust. My that a tough one, havn’t conquered that one yet. The virtue is chastity….hmmmm, nah. maybe later
  2. Gluttony. This is a big problem, and it’s not going away. Obesity is rampant, and children are getting on board. SCARY STUFF! The virtue is moderation or mindfulness.
  3. Greed. Pretty much what got us to this point in our little world. The virtue is charity, use it wisely!
  4. Sloth. If you look and feel like shit, why bother bathing, shaving, washing cloths? The virtue is diligence, and we all could use more,
  5. Wrath. Anger, hate, such a waste of emotion. The virtue is patience.
  6. Envy. I wish I had more than the Jones, that would make me happier, right? WRONG. The virtue is gratitude, kindness.
  7. Pride. The capital Sin, the root of all evil, basically anti God. The virtue is humility, seemingly lost to many of us.

Let’s turn a new page, there still is time. Think about your children, your family and your friends. We can’t change the world by ourselves, but individually we can make a difference. One day at a time, the saying goes. Easy does it, but do it. have a great weekend everyone. Cheers!