Help Wanted!!

An industry in Crisis. Help Wanted! WTF.

Follow this link to reveal the scope of the problem.

Another day, another issue that is affecting my industry, the labor crisis. It’s not just my industry, seemingly all the skilled trades are having difficulty getting warm bodies. And that’s about all that is available…warm bodies. So, why is this happening? The answer is simple, for the last decade or more has produced an army of unqualified cooks and chefs (I use this word lightly). Seemingly, and you can investigate some of my other blogs of similar content to learn more. Additionally, Covid19 has created a lazy ass culture, and many people have left hospitality to return to school or higher paying work.

The answer to this crisis of “help wanted”, is simple. Return to the fundamentals, apprenticeships in conjunction with supported education. And stop throwing around the word chef so much, you don’t have that designation unless you have earned. PERIOD!! If you or someone you know is considering a future in culinary, pastry or FOH, send them to my site; Buy them a membership, it’s full of relevant content, including a two year culinary & pastry program. Cheers! Happy Tuesday!