Are you a Green (sustainable restaurant) Machine?

What It Means to Be a Green Restaurant

What if you could save your restaurant seven dollars by investing one?

recent study analyzed the finances of 114 restaurants across 12 countries and found that each dollar invested in waste reduction led to cost savings of seven dollars. 

This is one example of restaurants achieving enormous success by becoming environmentally sustainable. Sure, there are no guarantees you’ll achieve the same success by reducing waste, but you can come darn close by investing just a little more time, money, and resources into becoming a green restaurant.

A very good website helps us to get a better grasp on this idea;

1. Cost Savings

Going green offers various cost savings. How much money you save depends on the number of and the type of green initiatives you implement at your restaurant. 

If you switch to all green appliances, for example, you’ll save on energy. Naturally, the more updated appliances you use, the more you save. Energy Star even has a tool that shows you exactly how much you can save over time when you switch out an old fridge or freezer, based on the model you currently have and energy prices by province.

2. Charge a Premium

Several studies confirm that customers will pay more for environmentally friendly products. Asia Pulp and Paper, for example, discovered customers will gladly pay a premium for sustainable packagingNielsen found that customers will happily pay a premium for products if they’re organic and made by environmentally friendly companies.

3. Broader Guest Appeal

Going green allows you to appeal to a growing market that values sustainability and seeks out restaurants committed to social values.

Feel free to contact me at any time to get yourself prepared for the future of restaurant operations. Waiting could cost you your life savings or at the very least a sizable profit loss. Get on board, the times they are a changing. Lots for reading on here from the past as well, keep yourself informed and purchase a membership to content that will save you thousands of dollars!

Cheers, and have a blessed Sunday.