Repurposing “Evil Plastics”

Repurposing is the process by which an object with one use value is transformed or redeployed as an object with an alternative use value.

The hospitality and foodservice industry is responsible for producing an enormous amount of plastic waste. This poses a number of questions. What to do with it, how to reduce the amount and what are the alternatives. I’m going to propose a lengthy list of ideas, that anyone can start now! First though, have a listen to this video before viewing the list’

  • Cook more at home, eat out for special occasions, no deliveries or even pick ups
  • Avoid restaurants that use Styrofoam or plastics for take out or delivery
  • Advocate for change, encourage chain restaurants to reduce the use of single purpose containers,etc
  • Support mom and pop, local establishments
  • Reuse take out containers for food storage at home
  • When shopping, select fresh unpacked foods.
  • Buy food at farmers markets, farms and roadside stands

I could go on and on….there are so many ways to reduce usage of these horrible products. It starts at home, and we can influence the foodservice industry to follow our lead. We only have one little planet, and a few billion people to feed. Let’s get to work! Have a look around plenty more content here;

Cheers, happy monday….start the week right!