Creativity, from whence it comes.

Creativity, from whence it comes.

Depends who you ask, here is the definition;

the use of the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work.”firms are keen to encourage creativity”.

I love this thread, read it carefully it makes sense;

Creativity is the same no matter the discipline, in my case cooking and pastry. “The discovery of a new dish confers more happiness on humanity than the discovery of a new star.” Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin, read his book, Physiology of Taste. A must read for upcoming cooks.

So I guess you could say “Culinary or Pastry Arts”, is part skills acquired, part passion and part inspiration. It’s bringing these elements together that’s hard. I have my own thoughts on this, I’ll save them for the end.

As for skills, this is pretty simple. Start an apprenticeship with a good, grounded and respected Chef. That is the necessary first step. Education is also important, be it at a noted culinary school or by reading and studying on your own. Maybe a combination of the two. Thirdly, I would say, put the time in and follow the classic formula. Seek out as many chefs as you can before stepping up to Chefdom. All you really are as a cook is the quality of information you pick up on your journey. I waited almost 7 years before taking my first “Chef position”. This is the proper model for a cooks progress;

  • apprentice (3 years)
  • commis
  • junior chef de parti (6 months)
  • CDP (6 months)
  • junior sous chef (1 year)
  • sous chef (1 year)
  • executive sous chef (1 year)
  • executive chef
  • director of food and beverage or business owner

This above list is an example…about 7-8 years to becoming an Executive Chef. Many never get this far, and may be satisfied with a junior position or section sous chef in a larger property.

To conclude, I mentioned my philosophy on creativity. We come into this life with nothing, and we will leave with nothing. It’s what we do with the parts in between that matter. Everything we have, know and understand is borrowed in this life. Do something good with it, study hard and share the knowledge with others….that’s our destiny and legacy. Lots more blogs on similar topics here;

Cheers, and have a great day!