Ever had that job were things just weren’t right? Of course we all have, and likely more than once. This is were labour law comes into play. The food service industry is full of stories regarding the absence of ethical practices between employers and employees. This being said it isn’t always the employers fault. I’ve been on both ends as an employer and employee.

So what exactly is labour? Work or labour is intentional activity people perform to support themselves, others, or the needs and wants of a wider community. Alternatively, work can be viewed as the human activity that contributes (along with other factors of production) towards the goods and services within an economy You can read more here;

Ministry of Labour

So what exactly are labor laws in Canada, and what is the due process? It’s really not that complicated. If you feel you have been hard done by, you likely have. There are a lot of employers that don’t even understand the laws, and blatantly abuse them. Lets have a look at the basics.

The ministry of labor is responsible for three things, labor relations, workplace health and safety and employment standards. Today, we are focusing on employment standards. If you are having issues in any of these areas, don’t just let it go. The ministry is there to advocate on your behalf. They are actually be more effective than a lawyer, remember, you can’t beat the government….ever.

I don’t think anyone Acer asked for problems at work, and I certainly am not saying blame always sits with employers, there are terrible employees as well. Currently we are in the early phases of a labor crisis, it’s just starting. There is a good side and bad side to everything. I see this as an opportunity to bring young people into the industry, train them well and create leaders. At the other end of the spectrum we can open up immigration to fill management and supervisory roles. It’s all win:win in my opinion.

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