Hospitality Business in 2022

Are you a seasoned Chef, consummate cook or just a person looking to venture into the hospitality business in 2022? If you are the later, I wouldn’t recommend it. At least not without the guidance of a professional Chef. I’ve been of the opinion for some time that the only person that should own a restaurant is a Chef. That’s not to say you can’t get involved. But consider investing with a chef, let them do what they do best…make you money. You wouldn’t go to a doctor for a recipe, right? Be sure to have a look at some of my other business related blogs here;

Here are some considerations for the hospitality business sector, when investigating new opportunities in 2022;

Elevate comfort food to comfort-plus. As chefs and operators approach menu making, new items should be grounded in comfort. Think about what to layer on comfort food to make it more exciting, such as a different spice, a new global flavor or even a new platform. Moskow and her team are testing breakfast fried rice, for example. “Take familiar favorites and make them more interesting,” she said. “I call it comfort-plus.” Operators should also make room for “better for you” foods in the comfort space.

Packaging. Consumers became acutely aware of packaging excess during the pandemic and manufacturers are responding. There’s a race to create products that are compostable and sturdy enough to hold up during delivery. Restaurant customers will notice, Moskow said. Heatability is also important, so packaging that goes in the oven is a plus.

Plant-forward is here to stay. There have been new developments in cell agriculture and plant-based proteins beyond beef. Faux crab, faux tuna and faux pork are now available. But Moskow believes that vegetables should be showcased in the center of the plate. “Apply the umami that meat provides to vegetable preparations,” And don’t focus only on plant-based. “Flexitarians are the most interesting segment and the most popular.” Consumers want the option of deciding when and how much meat or dairy they should eat.

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In conclusion, I would like to offer a few thoughts;

Keep it Simple, Stupid. KISS, also one of my favorite bands….lol. I have narrowed down my list for 2022 to the following;

  • Coffee, still an excellent money maker
  • Soup, maybe you be the next “Soup Nazi”?
  • Crafted Baked Goods & Sandwiches
  • Private Chefs; see me about becoming one.
  • Food Trucks
  • Take away with limited seating, under 10 seats. Again, has to be unique and inspired.

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