Worlds Best Coffee

Sorry, this is not about the worlds best coffee. I lied, similarly like you are lied to on most restaurant menus. This is about truth in menu, it’s a law some places. Not in Canada, as far as I know….but it should be!

Truth-in-menu laws in many locations require that menu descriptions be honest and selling prices and service charges be accurate. Examples of information that should be carefully described include preparation style, ingredients, item size, and health claims. Want a more extensive explanation, read on;

So, not a law in Canada as far as I know. Honestly though, how would you police it? As a Chef and hospitality consultant I could tell you horror stories of what’s really happening behind the scenes in your favorite restaurant. What concerns me most is not the arbitrary use of fancy terms and fad foods, but the sourcing of product. I would personally second guess any restaurant claiming to be local and sustainable in there purchasing. Like it or not 80% of the food you consume is not coming from anywhere close to you. Maybe your OK with that, but if they are claiming otherwise it’s a lie!

I don’t want this to be an attack on the restaurant industry at large, but we need to be informed consumers. As people begin to get back out and resume a normalish post ovid 19 life…ask questions. Away with the old, in with the new. Let’s choose restaurants that have our best interests in mind. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.;

  • What do you mean by “Worlds Best”?
  • Where is your beef , fish, poultry from?
  • Are your seasonal vegetables seasonal, local, organic, etc
  • Are your sauces made from stock or powder…
  • Do you make your own bread?
  • Is your coffee fair trade and sustainable

It’s only fair to ask questions, it’s your money and you work hard for it. In 2022 you deserve better than average, don’t settle for less. Cheers and have a great day!