Pasta, the food of kings and whores.

Pasta, wonderful pasta. Very few food’s give me so much pleasure. I’m keeping it short and sweet today. I’ll skip the history lesson for those of you with a short attention span…lol. I guess if you have to try and explain pasta, you can pretty much break it down to the pasta itself, the sauce and garnish. Perhaps even a little bit similar to pizza.

Pasta in all its incarnations

  • Dry shaped; everything from spaghetti to radiatore, if you can imagine the shape it probably exsists.
  • Fresh pasta; not unlike dry, and also available in a multitude of shapes, colours and flavors.
  • Stuffed pasta; similar to the above, with the addition of a filling composed of any variety of meat, fish, poultry or/and vegetables.

I should include fresh or dried sheet pasta as well, for example lasagna, cannelloni or shell pasta. There’s just so many. As a side note, the pasta and sauce combination you choose is also very important. The shape of the pasta determines how well the sauce adheres to it. Maybe do some research.

Let’s get saucy

  • Traditional red sauces; again, they are almost to numerous to mention. Everyone has a favorite. Myself, I like a good marinara or simple tomato basil.
  • Cream and egg based sauces; Alfredo comes to mind, carbonara, blush (combination of cream and tomato), and of course “mac and cheese”.
  • Oil and butter sauces;. Not as often thought about, but also very delicious as a lighter choice.

Another side note. Don’t forget that pasta is not exclusively Italian. There are a multitude of international flavors and styles to be investigated. Play with these concepts as well….change it up a bit!


Not going to make a list here. Pasta is just a great way to clean out old inventory in a creative way. Have a look in the fridge, let your frugality and inspiration guide you. Even before reaching for that box of KD…lol. Do you ever realize how easy it is to make? Three basic ingredients. Elbow macaroni, milk or cream, cheese. That’s it!! If you can boil water, you can make mac and cheese. Add the secret ingredient…, and your on your way. Add some finesse, give it your own spin.

The whore thing is a reference to a classic pasta, Fettuccine putenesca. Cheers, and have a great day!