Halloween Deux

Now that International Chefs day is behind us, let’s get back to what really matters, Halloween! Well, not so much Halloween, but the sweet things that inspire us. I realize most people just buy the store candy for the kids, but it’s not unheard of to make something unique instead. I covered this a few days ago, but was focused more on themes and ideas. Today it’s all about home made treats.

I totally understand the aversion to making over buying, especially during these times we live in. But these don’t have to be your door to door kid treats exclusively. They can be your work peers, neighbors and friends. And it is possible to make something a little bit healthier as well…..if you care. Additionally, I honestly believe that folks appreciate something home made! So, here is a list of ideas;

  • Cookies; we covered this one a few days ago, much like Christmas cookies, these would be of the sugar cookie variety usually decorated in a Halloween fashion.
  • Grab and go mini pies; you know, like the McDonalds kind, but better and actually shaped like a pie.
  • Cupcakes; another easy one like cookies, decorated of course
  • Chocolate truffles; these are great anytime, but there does seem to be a seasonality to them as well.
  • Candy apples; a classic Fall treat, maybe try chocolate dipped fruits as well as an alternative.
  • Home made gummies; A little more science involved here, but fun none the less.
  • Caramel corn; a delicious mess this is, and much cheaper to make compared to premium brands
  • Fresh fruit; this is a little lame, just don’t use apples…something a little more exotic like mandarin oranges.
  • The list could go on and on, meringues, biscotti, mini cakes. Use your imagination.

Below, I have included a recipe for ganache. This is what is used for truffle tortes and of course truffles of the hand held variety. Adjust the recipe slightly for these; and I’m simplifying it slightly with only 3 ingredients.

  • Chocolate glaze; 2 parts 35% cream/1 part chocolate
  • Chocolate ganache filling; 1 part cream/1 part chocolate
  • Truffle paste; 2 parts chocolate/1 part cream


I’ll keep up with these seasonal themed threads until we are into the next chapter of the holiday season. 65 days until Christmas, 10 days until Halloween….scary, eh? Best to get planning today, before you wake up and realize, holy…., I haven’t done anything yet. Cheers, and have a wonderful Thursday!