Is your Job making you Sick?

The magic formula that successful businesses have discovered is to treat customers like guests and employees like people.

Have you ever wondered, is my job making me sick? Let’s talk about unhappy and unhealthy people in the workplace.


The cost of unhappy or unhealthy people in the workforce is very high, and of a growing concern. Some examples of how it impacts the bottom line are, absenteeism, low productivity, long term disability, replacement cost of sick employees, etc. High attrition and turnover rates can destroy a businesses profitability.


  1. Ergonomics; The word ergonomics comes from the Greek word “ergon” which means work and “nomos” which means laws. It’s essentially the “laws of work” or “science of work”. Good ergonomic design removes incompatibilities between the work and the worker and creates the optimal work environment. In the restaurant industry, there are many barriers between the worker and functionality. We work in a dangerous environment, slippery floors, hot equipment and sharp tools. The incidence of workplace safety issues in a restaurant are huge, as can be seen in Workers compensation and insurance claims.
  2. Addiction; I’ve discussed this one before, and believe the cost to both the employee and employer are pretty well known to all of us. Check out this article for more information;
  3. Stress; This typically refers to two things, the psychological perception of pressure, and the bodies response to it. Work is a major of source of stress for a large portion of the economically active population. Stress manifests itself in emotional, physical, cognitive and behavioral symptoms. Don’t get me wrong, some stress can be healthy…however long drawn out repetitive stress at work can have serious consequences. So, what are some of the causes of negative stress in the workplace? To much responsibility, long working hours, poor management, low decision making power, dangerous working conditions, job insecurity and bullying, discrimination and commuting frustrations. The results of prolonged stress are eventual burnout. All three of these causes are uniquely woven together, and STRESS above all will lead to issues relating to addiction, mental health issues and of course lost revenue for the employer.


  • Consistently Deliver Praise and Recognition
  • Make Work Fulfilling
  • Offer Meaningful Perks
  •  Invest in Your Team’s Personal and Professional Growth
  • Throw Fun Events that Allow People to Interact and Bond
  • Incentivize Wellness (and Make it Fun)
  • Greet Your Team; This should be #1, greet your staff upon arrival, treat them like you would a customer!
  • Make Work/Life Balance a Priority
  • Hire Happy Personalities


The costs of not doing the things mentioned in the above list are huge. Especially now in this unsure climate we are living in. Workers have choices, and as we re enter the new paradigm of 2022, they will be looking for jobs that are make them HAPPY! If you have trouble as a manager embracing these concepts, better start some studying my friend. If you need some direction, or assistance implementing some strategies your workplace, please don’t hesitate contacting me. Cheers, and have a great day!

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