Be Careful of Gingerbread Houses!!

Why you say? Just ask Hansel and Gretel, you know the wicked witch that eats children thing. In keeping with this current thread, todays post is about gingerbread houses. A little back story, a little architecture and a recipe or two to get you going.

You can read up on the history here; Don’t skip it, it’s actually pretty interesting.

The gingerbread bakers were gathered into professional baker guilds. In many European countries gingerbread bakers were a distinct component of the bakers’ guild. Gingerbread baking developed into an acknowledged profession. In the 17th century only professional gingerbread bakers were permitted to bake gingerbread except at Christmas and Easter, when anyone was allowed to bake it. This brings me to a little personal story regarding a Pastry chef instructor I had at the CIA, Walter Schreyer CMPC. Thats’ a Certified Master Pastry Chef, very few of those out there. As a student I had him for advanced pastry arts, which included a block on Architectural Pastry Work. This chefs chosen form of expression was life sized gingerbread structures…WOW. Most professional pastry chefs choose a medium, some times two or three to demonstrate mastery in a specific skill. Myself, I’m a sugar and ice guy, sugar and ice sculpture. I’m not particularly good at either one, but proficient…lol. Below you will find a mastercook PDF file to get you going on gingerbread home construction. Enjoy!

Make this one a family project, as far as I can recall, kids love working with sweet stuff. Tomorrow I’m going to discuss another classical pastry centerpiece, another fairly easy project that is definitely a crowd pleaser. Don’t forget to drop by, and consider becoming a member to access all the content on this site. Cheers and have a great day! 34 more sleeps until Christmas!

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