The Down Home Christmas Sweet Table

In the spirit of things, I’ll be continuing my thread on all things “Christmas”. I was reflecting recently on my childhood Christmas memories, times were very different then. Not that it was so long ago, but it is my belief that the good old days, were indeed better. Families have become fragmented by distance, disagreements and plain indifference. My experience of Christmas then, and now, are significantly different. The two matriarchs of my family are long gone, as are the traditions I now cherish only in memory. I did rediscover it somewhat about three Christmases ago, In Cuba. I’ll save that story for later…

My childhood Christmas was spent between 2, sometimes 3 homes. My mother and fathers parents and my aunts farmhouse. We kind of rotated the location, occasionally having two dinners on Christmas day, to keep the grandparents happy. The format was likely similar to some yours. The big sit down dinner, prepared by the ladies. I should note here that my grandfather was a passionate cook and baker as well, and would often pitch in. This was sort of unusual back in the day…a man cooking and making Duncan Hines cakes. Likely some influence on me for sure! In addition to the big turkey dinner, there would be a table of sweets, all homemade. All of my family are dairy farmers, since they came to Canada several generations ago. Farmers like sweets, period! So you can imagine the variety…

So to get you warmed up for your Christmas baking, here are a few of my favorite recipes from memory. This isn’t high styling pastry, just good honest baking. Enjoy!

Have a great weekend, see you on Monday with more exciting memories and food lore!

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