6 Reasons to avoid Fast Food.

Just say NO!

Sorry to be picking on McDonalds again, you can pretty much include any American Multinational Food Chain in this expose. Of course McDonalds will always get our attention, because they are everywhere, in the media, on every corner and fittingly enough Walmart…lol. It goes without saying that they deserve the attention, who else has a license to poison the masses, and have you pay for it! Enough with the small talk, let’s look at why this matters!

It’s often argued that fast-food companies are not responsible for what we, the consumers, put in our mouths—only we can make that choice. But when it comes to kids, things are a bit more complicated. McDonald’s uses targeted ads and Happy Meals and toys to market to children in a way that distorts the decision-making process by forming unhealthy habits at an early age. According to the statistics one in five kids are obese, thanks in large part to eating fast food.

In 2017, six animal welfare groups penned an open letter in The New York Times making a strong case against the fast-food restaurant’s treatment of chickens. Though the company fared better than competitors like Wendy’s and Subway on a ranked list of animal welfare benchmarks, it still breeds chickens that are too large to support their own body weight by just six weeks old and keeps them crammed in small, dark, unsanitary mass coops.

The shiny new trademarked food philosophy at McDonald’s is, “The Simpler, The Better,” but pull up the ingredient list to any sandwich, and it can take up a full page! The company has made a notable effort to simplify its contents since 2017, when media outlets caught wind of the staggering 19-item ingredient list for fries. Though the chemicals and preservatives were selectively axed from particular menu items due to the backlash, you’re still likely to be surprised at the contents post-rebranding: maltodextrin, sodium phosphate, sodium nitrate, and artificial caramel coloring, to name a few.

Factory farms are one of the worst offenders when it comes to harming our environment, and according to a report published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives, the farm animal sector is the single greatest user (and abuser) of land and the greatest contributor to deforestation. The waste runoff from cow manure causes dangerous water and land pollution, and the greenhouse gases they emit are pushing us dangerously close to a point of no return for climate change. Business Insider reports that McDonald’s sells an average of 75 hamburgers per second, so it will come as no surprise that McDonald’s is one of the worst offenders by virtue of its scale.

McDonalds and other such enterprises have no regard for the worker, and will go to any length to protect there GOLDEN image. Check out this article for more insight; https://www.nelp.org/publication/behind-the-arches-how-mcdonalds-fails-to-protect-workers-from-workplace-violence/.

Most of these American QSR’s have a dark history, built on corruption, greed and lies. Have a look at the what happened to the REAL McDonalds brothers. You may have seen the movie, it’s all true; https://www.mashed.com/147897/the-tragic-real-life-story-of-the-mcdonald-brothers/.


Maybe not a permanent boycott, at the very least a serious reduction. And here is my reasoning, if the above didn’t convince you.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, there are choices out there. We have a number of good Canadian Brands that are much healthier, less costly and decent. To name a few, Harveys, A&W, Mary Browns and so on.

I’d also like to mention it’s cheaper to make it yourself. To prove this, I’m sharing a BIG MAC recipe that can be made for a fraction the price. The current price for a BIG MAC in Canada is $5.69 plus tax. The cost to make 4 of these at home is the same as the price at McDonalds. In addition, the ingredients are fresh, it’s fun and hey, you deserve a break today! Cheers!