Pate A Choux, Pardon Moi?

This will be our third installment in our basic pastry series. I’m basically following the format of my online 1 year Culinary & Baking Program. Free to join as always, just email me for details;

Todays topic is Pate A Choux, or if you prefer the English translation, cream puff dough. A little more skill involved here from start to finish. This dough is used in both sweet and savory items, but is more commonly used in baking. Like any new skill, this will take practice, and practice takes time. The actual making of the paste is fairly easy, it’s the actual piping, baking and finishing that is difficult. Follow along with the recipe provided below Cream Puffs). This recipe is from food for 50, a professional catering cookbook. It actually comes included with mastercook software, along with other excellent professional recipe books. Below the recipe I will also include some piping tips!

You have a couple of days to practice this new skill, and on Friday, we will look at some applications and presentations for plates and small buffet pieces. Cheers, and happy 1ST Hump day of the year!