Trends vs Fads in Food

So, were are we going and were have we been? The eternal question. Have a quick read to find out more about past trends and food fashions.

Products that are on trend usually are consistent with lifestyle trends, grow slowly and have multiple brands entering the category. A perfect example of this is the rise in plant and insect proteins that are being used for ingredients and stand-alone products for their health benefits, lower cost as compared to animal proteins and their sustainability profile that has a far less impact on the environment.

Fads on the other hand typically play off the hype and the emotional need to purchase a product. Cronuts, cragels (half bagel/half croissant), rainbow-colored bagels,  bacon & cheese deep-fried crickets and self-heating cans of celebrity coffee are all examples of ethereal or ill-conceived benefits with a limited appeal. Often these are produced by a single brand with limited appeal – the result is that the faddish product gets publicity, sees a spike in sales and then dies rather quickly.