If Gluttony is a sin, Food wastage is…?

If Gluttony is a sin, Food wastage is…?
Professional Chefs Food Network
Professional Chefs Food Network
If Gluttony is a sin, Food wastage is...?

More than half of all food produced in Canada is wasted, food wastage within the food industry is at an epidemic rate.

Previous studies had pointed to consumers for the bulk of the waste, but the new research shows that instead it’s the industrial producers that are primarily responsible. “It means stop blaming consumers,” said Martin Gooch, the study’s author. “Sure, consumers are part of the problem. But they’re not the problem.”

The study to be released on Thursday shows that the level of food waste in Canada is far worse than previously believed, with 58 per cent of all food produced either lost or wasted. It also finds that the vast majority – 86 per cent – takes place within the food industry and not in households, as previously thought.

Food loss and waste: from farm to fork

Food loss and waste occurs throughout the entire supply chain. Reducing waste and losses at each step of the process can save Canadians money, improve the competitiveness of the agri-food sector, and help to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

The following sections provide a glimpse of the existing actions being undertaken to prevent food loss

wastage and loss from happening at each point in the food supply chain. Another section outlines initiatives in place to recover and redistribute surplus food from this system. A summary of proposed key action areas is provided in each section.

They are talking about the restaurant and hotel industry. I would also include retail grocery in this category. Here are the steps to get started. I have included a little podcast…something new, so bear with me…lol.

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