Support your local Chef

In most places cooking and selling food out of your home is illegal, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

No matter where you live, your restaurant options could begin to dwindle as the winter grows darker, but you might not need to settle for chains that can afford exorbitant third-party delivery fees. Takeout will still exist—it’s just changing. Even if Main Street is shuttered, your local food community will still be there, and they’ll need you more than ever. And you need to eat, right? There will always be people who are hungry, and there will always be people who want nothing more than to feed them.

I’ve been on about this topic for a few days, let’s review the options.

  • 1. Cook your own food $
  • 2. delivery or pick up $$$
  • 3. Meal programs, completed meals or partially prepared, delivered to your door. $$
  • Frozen food options purchased at retail $
  • Dining out $-$$$
  • Fasting…lol

So, you do have options, some cheaper than others and of course some healthier than others. Depends on your priorities. I did leave out two options. Private chef services and meal preparation programs. I’ve done both, but for the last while only private chef dinner parties and cooking workshops. These of course are more of a special occasion scenario, but we are in the holiday season now, right? Why not check it out, myself personally am already booked for the month of October, going into November. I’m not the only chef on the block. there are other similar operators out there. be sure to check reviews…do that Google search thing!

Maybe you don’t need the service, but know of somebody that does. Consider the following;

  • Gift cards
  • Book a house party with friends, share the costs
  • Try a cooking class, learn something new and enjoy dinner
  • Book a nice venue and hire a private chef
  • Gourmet gift packages with “chef made” Charcuterie craft cheeses, breads and such
  • Take away lunches or delivered to your office, even a gourmet picnic, though it is getting a little late in the season.

The whole point of this thread is looking at options, and supporting local chefs that may be struggling during these times. Many of the options given are much more affordable than “fine dining”. And to be honest, the quality and craftsmanship will be much higher. Anyway, have a great HUMP DAY, CHEERS!