Covid 19 for Dummies & Restaurant Owners.

My first thought before moving on is, what’s the difference between a covid19 dummy and a restaurant owner? I’ll just leave that one alone…lol. The inspiration for this little blog is based on a true story, some of the people and places are being withheld to protect the identity of said places and individuals.

No question much of the information we are given is confusing at best. We are flooded with new information on a daily basis, provincially, federally and internationally. Because I currently reside in Ontario, lets focus on this. More specifically, lets focus on the rules for public gatherings in churches, halls and restaurants. here is the link to the provincial mandate;

I’ll be the first to admit, the information is hard to understand, in so much as who it applies to. If you read it a little more carefully, it’s really pretty straightforward. I also understand some peoples willingness to comply…however rules are rules. I think at times, and I include myself in this paradox, it’s hard to believe we have to go along with this. But having given it more thought, and realizing the consequences of not being compliant, I have decided it’s just better to follow the legislation. Personally, I travel a lot, and need to have everything up to date. I’m also not interested in paying $$$$ on fines, just because I may have an opinion. Additionally, even though I am healthy, doesn’t mean I want to compromise someone else by transferring the virus.

Now for the story. Recently I attended a public meeting in at a local rented venue. The rules are very clear on this type of gathering, basically the same as for restaurants. Check the above link if you have not already. here is how we set up our meeting;

  • Identification check at door with sign in page, no ID, no entering…simple
  • sanitized pens with a used pen spot, hand sanitizer made available upon entering, and throughout the room
  • All chairs, tables and media sanitized before and after the meeting
  • 6 feet between chairs
  • face masks required at all times
  • In our case no food and beverage served, you could bring your own in.

I’m sure I may be missing something, the point is we were following the rules. We had a few individuals leave angry, but that’s life, right. There are some pretty hefty fines for non compliance…really heavy, and it affects not only individuals, but anyone associated with the venue.

You can also note that my company is compliant…fully, and have it noted on my home & corporate page;

Anyway folks, I hope you have a great day of food and fun with your friends and family. let’s keep it classy Ontario!